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Terms and Conditions

We want you to be completely satisfied with our service.

If you are not impressed with our service, we will credit you for next time or issue a complete refund.

That said, please be aware of the following limitations of the NCOA process

NCOA is a combination of software and a database designed to identify and update the addresses of people who moved. The database contains all the mail forwarding cards filled out by people who moved in the last 18 months. If there is no forwarding order on file with the USPS, the system will not be aware of the move. If there are people on your list who moved and our system did not correct them, there is a good chance they never filled out a move forwarding card.

The NCOA software is also pre-programmed by the US Postal Service to match your list to a master list of movers using certain proprietary methods. The matching criteria built into the system is very conservative. If it is not absolutely sure the person in your file is the person who moved, it will not correct the address. While a human examining your list will see that 2 records are the same person, the NCOA system might correct one and not the other because of some misspelling. This can be frustrating, to us and to you.

Our service consists of formatting the list you submit to us for processing by NCOA. We then add some columns to your original file and format it the way the file was submitted to us and return it to you.

The certificate we provide with your returned file qualifies the list for Postal Presort processing discount no matter how many movers were found.

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