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About List Cleaners

List Cleaners is a licensee of the NCOA who provides us with a weekly updated list of all the people who have moved in the last 18 - 48 months.

We are here to provide you with an easy, safe, step-by-step process for uploading and cleaning your mailing lists to comply with the NCOA mandate.

List Cleaners proprietary software automatically matches your list of customers, donors or contacts against the list of movers and updates your list with the new addresses of anyone appearing on the updated NCOA list. After cleaning your list, we then issue a certification for the U.S. Postal Service that your list is fully up-to-date, which enables you to receive the bulk mail postage discount.

In addition, once you've uploaded your list you can select other features that can result in substantial savings in mailing costs.

All of this is sure to make your mailing’s less expensive and more effective!

About Our Proprietary Software

In just a few easy steps, our software will identify any names on your list whose mailing information need to be updated.

Using the most updated NCOA records, any business or individual who has moved will be identified and their updated address will be provided.

Our Mark Duplicate Records feature will identify and mark possible duplicate entries in your list for you to remove.

Deceased Screening will identify recently deceased individuals.

Our Upper/Lowercase feature will give your addresses a more professional look and feel.

And our DMA Matchup will identify people who have subscribed to the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference List, requesting no unsolicited promotions.

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